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Changes for the 2015 Tightspot Quiver include the new rubber hood insert that will help keep broadhead edges sharp and keeps mechanical broadhead blades in place instead of pushing them out.  They have also refined the arrow gripper so that it will hold small diameter arrows like the Easton Injexion even better.

The Tightspot quiver Matte Black is the answer to a lot of the inherent problems with todays quivers.  An ingenious design that brings the quiver as close as possible to your bow reducing torque and thus increasing accuracy.  Serious archers have been using offset brackets on their stabilizer to shift the weight back to the middle of the bow with a loaded quiver.  Hoyt has come out with an offset stabilizer bushing to accomplish this.  I have been building custom sight brackets for years trying to bring the quiver in as close to the riser as possible but you are still limited to being outside of your sight.  The Tightspot greatly reduces the need to do any of this by bringing the quiver back behind the sight towards the string.  This allows you to get the quiver even closer to the center mass of the bow.

The Tightspot also has some other outstanding features.  The ability to customize the "fit" of your arrows in the rubber arrow gripper is outstanding.  For years quivers have had one standard arrow size that fit well and if you shot skinny or fat arrow shafts you had to deal with those problems.  With an adjustable screw you can customize each individual gripper for a perfect fit.  Archers using really skinny shafts like the Victory VAP's or Easton Injexion will really appreciate this feature.  

The Tightspot also is vertically adjustable so you can make it to fit exactly to your bow.  It has built in rubber dampeners designed to reduce vibration at the shot. 

Every detail from top to bottom has been looked at and designed for maximum efficiency for the bowhunter.

  • Available in Right or Left hand
  • Overall Length 19-3/4"
  • Distance from gripper to hood 18"
  • Weight- 10.05 oz
  • Structure- Carbon rods with machined aircraft aluminum
  • Gripper- Customizable arrow wedge
  • 5 Arrow capacity
Tightspot also makes a Custom Bracket to allow compatibility for slider sights.  You can buy extra mounting brackets to allow easy transfer from one bow to another.  


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